Reserve Reduction Analysis

Reserve Reduction Analysis


Reserving is an art, combined with foresight and a vast amount of experience. Since the lifeline of a carrier or selfinsurer is dependent on accurate reserving, it is an area that requires special attention. Vision Risk offers full reserve audits, to provide you with an objective assessment of your financial riskIn addition to assessing your reserves, we offer strategic resolutions to reduce themThis service can be combined with Litigation Profiling, or it can stand alone.

Workers Compensation

Inattention to the impact of reserves on overall program performance is striking in regards to the management of workers compensation costs. Workers compensation costs progressively increase over the life of a claimYet many administrators give permanency cases the least amount of attention. They allow permanency cases to go on indefinitely, with little effort to settleVision has demonstrated that an effort to settle, combined with aggressive pursuit of offsets has drasticallreduced workers compensation reserves.